We help companies grow their businesses in today’s digital reality. A reality that is changing every day. We know what it takes to navigate this reality and to not only survive but to thrive and to capture new opportunities.

We focus on getting better results, faster. We're not just talking about how we approach marketing. We're also talking about how we approach our work, our relationships and how we do business.

We believe that common shared goals and trust are vital. We believe in honesty and transparency and these are the values that drive us and keep us creating incredible work for ourselves and our clients. This is better marketing. Faster.

STRUCTURe of a digital strategy

Creating & Planning

As a Pryma Agency client we will do an in-depth research about your business, products and competitors to make sure we can offer you the best possible solution.

You know who the ideal customer is and what your goal is with the marketing, and we can help you with the execution and optimization of the campaigns.


Of Pryma Agency's clients are satisfied with their results


On-going marketing campaign managed by Pryma Digital Agency


Dedicated team, to create the most amazing marketing campaigns


Digital marketing strategy results in:

Find New Potential Customers

Lead Generation

Branding & Awareness



Why Choose Pryma Agency?

  • Full-service social media advertising agency
  • Reach new potential clients at the lowest possible cost
  • Proven results with both B2B & B2C clients
  • Data-driven and white-hat SEO workflow
  • Dedicated account specialist for each client
  • Real-time analytics & tracking
  • FREE SEO & SoME audit
  • Experts for re-targeting and marketing flows
  • No long-term contracts - We believe in our quality work


How we work with digital strategy

Because every business is different because of differenting products, branding, pricing etc. every strategy is also different. This is why we focus a lot on understanding your business and goals.

1. Start-up

Start-up is the phase where we do a screening of your business, products, competitors, rankings, PPC performance, SEO performances etc. We analyze your website and data.

2. Implementing & Growth

Implementing is also extremely important. Most businesses fail to reach their goals with their desired strategy. However we build a solid and reliable strategy that fits your business and budget and focusing on growth.

3. Optimizing

Optimizing is what differentiate the mediocre marketing agencies from the best marketing agencies. We also optimize, adjust and improve the strategy as we move along and adjust the marketing efforts. You might launch a new product, be ready for black friday or anything else we need to take care of, to maximise your sales and revenue.


Give value. Create credibility. Build relationships.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising and marketing is one of our core services as a part of a complete social media marketing strategy. This is also our most popular advertising platform, where our clients have the biggest ad spend.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising is the second biggest advertising channel for our clients, where we see extremely good results with e-commerce and SAAS businesses and an ideal fit for influencer marketing campaigns as well.


Re-targeting is another extremely important part of digital marketing, and often the type of campaign and funnel which generates the higherst ROI.

Search engine optimization

We help you grow your business with SEO, are up-2-date with all the latest trends and algorithm changes of Google. We have a dedicated SEO team who specialises in technical SEO, on-page optimization, site structure and much more, to maximise your SEO benefits.

Content marketing

Content marketing is another core service of Pryma Agency, and is a must for a lot of businesses know a days. We help you with content ideas, content creation, content strategy and incorporating content with the rest of your marketing and business work-flow.

B2B lead generation

B2B lead generation can be done with both SEO, content, paid social media and many other channels, but is a service of Pryma Agency as well. We generate leads for both B2C and B2B, local as well as online businesses.

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