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Cleaning Company

February 25, 2019 06:32 AM admin@pryma.com

Improving organic rankings with focus on local SEO and a comprehensive digital strategy that fits the business services and budget.

The cleaning business used to spend 5.000$ a month for their total digital marketing budget but weren’t getting the desired results.

Shortly after their change to Pryma Agency, they got results.

Key highlights of our work:

  • Improving on-page SEO with existing content (Optimzing H1,H2,H3 etc + improving content with LSI keywords)
  • Improving website page speed (With a slow website they we’re losing conversion but also getting a high bounce rate, which contributed to negative impact on their rankings)
  • Improving off-page SEO with a solid linkbuilding strategy
  • Setup for PPC campaigns and social media re-targeting
  • Optimisation of existing campaigns to increase ROI


  • 193% increase in number of leads
  • 372% increase in site speed
  • +300% increase in organic traffic from relevant keywords
  • Lowered cost per acquisition (CPA) by 43% on PPC/paid social media campaigns

Click below to download the full case free of charge.

Cleaning Company - Case (140 downloads)



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