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Social Media Marketing – Case 1

February 25, 2019 06:27 AM admin@pryma.com

This e-commerce based client was looking for social media marketing, with focus on driving traffic and conversions/sales through Facebook and Instagram.

This business was based in Germany and were selling electronics, games & gadgets with a fairly broad product range.

They used to get most sales through referral, word of mouth and Google SEO + Google ads.

Once we on-boarded the client we setup their Facebook pixel to track all data on their website, as well as setting up their business manager on Facebook, attribution on Facebook as well as uploading their product catalogue to be able to do dynamic product ads (DPA).

Key highlights of our work:

  • Setup of Facebook Pixel + DPA
  • Setup Facebook attribution
  • Setup Facebook + Instagram ad campaigns
  • Creating and managing campaigns, split testing audiences
  • Creating and optimising re-targeting campaigns
  • Continuously optimising targeting, campaign objective and ads + scaling




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