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Social media marketing – Case 3

March 12, 2019 04:57 PM admin@pryma.com

This case is also from an existing client, where we tested a lot of different placements and got a little creative.

The client gave us a lot of freedom and room to try out alternative strategies to see which one was the best fit for their business.

For this client we only did social media marketing and nothing else. Full setup of pixel, DPA, tracking, audience research and insight, conversion optimisation,


Key highlights of our work:

  • Setup of Facebook pixel
  • Setup of dynamic product ads + catalogue upload (DPA)
  • Audience research and insight
  • Conversion optimisation for landingpages + Facebook / Instagram page
  • Setup full marketing funnel flow with all ads and targeting
  • Grow of following & increase engagement on social media
  • Optimising of all campaigns to improve ROI
    • Split test, bid test, custom audiences, look-a-like audiences etc.


Note: “Online store” includes sales from Facebook & Instagram, but the “Facebook” tag was for a newly setup tracking of sales directly through Facebook and not on the store itself, which we tested out. 




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