Use social media to target highly relevant potential customers and clients. With Facebook ads, Instagram ads and snapchat ads, you’ll be able to get directly in touch with people who are interest in your products or service.

Doesn’t if you own a local shop, e-commerce or SAAS business, our team can help you get started. If you’re already running social media ads and you think you are not getting a good ROI, contact us today and we review your marketing campaign at no cost.


Creating & Planning

We can help you with creating and planning a social media marketing strategy that make sense for your business and matches your size and budget.

You know who the ideal customer is and what your goal is with the marketing, and we can help you with the execution of the campaign.


Of customers are satisfied with our professional support


Amazing preset options to be mixed and combined


In Data driven marketing with highly technical team


Campaign goals with social media advertising

Find New Potential Customers

Lead Generation

Branding & Awareness



Why choose Facebook ads and social media marketing?

    With social media marketing you will be able to do the following

  • Reach new potential clients at a low cost
  • Simple and precise targeting
  • Accurate tracking of campaigns, ad cost and revenue
  • Works perfectly both B2B and B2C


How we work with social media marketing

Depending on which phase of social media marketing your business has done, Pryma Agency offers the following solutions.

1. Start-up

Start-up is for the business who have not ran any social media marketing ads before. Maybe you have just started your business or maybe you just haven’t utilized this opportunity yet. Either way, we’ll be able to help setting up your business manager account, Facebook pixel, correct tracking and anything else you need.

2. Growth

Growth and scaling are also keywords at the office at Pryma Agency. If you are already running social media marketing in terms of Facebook ads, Instagram ads or Snapchat ads, but you aren’t able to scale the campaigns and maximize your revenue, we can help you. We can analyze your existing data from Facebook, your CRM or anywhere else and help and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

3. Optimizing

If your business is already spending a lot of time and resources on social media ads, but aren’t getting a good ROI, we’ll help you change and optimize your ads. We have run 100’s of different campaigns for a lot of different businesses with different budget, products and goals. We know the advertising algorithms and how to adapt to them, as well as how to create an effective marketing funnel, buying behavior analysis as well as retargeting.



B2B. Give value. Create credibility. Build relationships

Our experience tells us that B2B companies can get as much value from Facebook advertising as B2C. It’s just about understanding the differences in buying behavior and adjusting the messages.

The number of potential customers is typically lower for B2B than with B2C companies. On the other hand, the average order value is often much higher and each customer has a longerlife span.

The product is mostly much more complex and more people need to be involved before making a decision.

The above means that the marketing mix is screwed differently with B2B, and in opposition to B2C, Facebook will rarely be the converting touch point. However, the platform is effective in influencing a decision maker and designing targeted messages that present a solution to the customer’s challenges.

In B2B, human contact is important for both initial sales and the sustained relationship. However, Facebook announcement can help to perceive the perception of the potential customer, which makes it easier to land sales and subsequently retain the customer.

When we work with B2B strategies, the goal is to build a strong relationship with the right customer group. Depending on whether the company already has an established social presence, a typical strategy is often threefold:

Provide value in terms of informative content and content tailored to the challenges your target audience is facing.

Create ambiguity by inviting dialogue and avoiding frequent aggressive sales messages.
Continue to create value for the customer even after a sale to build the relationship that makes them come again

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